Coffeeberry disease (CBD) has happened in Southern Ethiopia

As the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute (EIAR) reported Coffee berry disease (CBD) is causing a 24 – 30% national average loss on coffee production. The survey study done on the Gedio Zone held at 11 Kebele and 48 coffee farm field studies show Coffee berry disease (CBD) already happened said EIAR).

Considering the issue The Institute held meetings with responsible bodies on how they could mitigate the diseases and the institute said they were working on replacing it with a coffee plant that resists Coffee berry disease (CBD).

The disease may have happened in Ethiopia during 1963 when it damages almost all the coffee farms. Since happened it damaged about 30% of coffee production and affected 22% loss of foreign exchange said the report.

Coffeeberry disease (CBD), caused by the fungus has been the most infamous disease that poses a considerable threat to coffee.

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