Debo Engineering MEST Africa Country Winner

We became Ethiopia Finalist for the MEST Africa 2020 Challenge

The startups who participated in the Ethiopia Country Finals on June 3rd are Qinash, Alpha IT Solution, Temaribet, Yezare, Across Express PLC, iWork PLC, Yerras, Omniline IT Technology Solutions PLC, and Debo Engineering Plc.

Debo Engineering Plc emerged as the winner! Take a look at the full competition recap.

Ultimately, Debo Engineering was named the Ethiopian Country winner amidst virtual claps and applause! We could hear the entire Debo Engineering team on the call celebrating after the announcement and Boaz Berhanu, who pitched on behalf of the company, expressed what a pleasant surprise the announcement was and how much it meant to their team to be honoured with the winning title.

In partnership with leading technology giant, Microsoft, and ecosystem partners; VC4A, Levers In Heels, Royal Work Club, 250 Startups, Movemeback, Klab, Afrilabs, BriterBridges, Blue Moon, Growth Africa, iCog Labs, Gebeya, Africa Living Lab, X Hub Addis, and IceAddis, the Ethiopian finals came to a successful end, with Debo Engineering gearing to compete against the eight other country winners in the grand finale for a chance to win $50,000 in equity funding.

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